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Special reports

Priming The Pump

Todd Loudin, Valmet, walks through the details be to considered when selecting a pump for the metering and dosing of grinding agents and other abrasive chemicals.

The Dangers Of Dirty Lubricants

Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation, describes the importance of lubrication as a pillar of quality asset performance, but warns that when contaminants invade, they can ensure a machine’s downfall.

Nailing The Granulometry With Geometry

Nikolay Kolev, Relo-B, reports on the performance of various shapes of grinding media used in tumbling mills, comparing conventional spherical designs with a more novel approach.

Handling The Heat

Dr. Michiel Eijpe, Dunlop Conveyor Belting, details how heat-resistant rubber is created and explains why not all heat-resistant conveyor belts are equal.


Implementing ESPs For Efficient Pollution Control

Bjarke Ove Andersen, FLSmidth, shows how an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) can outperform fabric filters (FF) in clinker cooler applications in terms of cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.

Opportunities & Challenges For UK Cement

Dr Diana Casey, Mineral Products Association, gives an overview on the current state of the British cement industry and what benefits and hurdles lie ahead for operators in the UK.

More Special reports news

Systems honed to help with handling

Emanuele Stancanelli, Bedeschi, discusses a range of machinery designed to help cement plants enhance their bulk materials handling capabilities, offering details on a number of projects they have undertaken over the last year.

Selecting the right substitution

Tahir Abbas and Michalis Akritopoulos, Cinar Ltd., discuss the key factors cement plants should consider when increasing the substitution rate of alternative fuels in their production process.

What's behind waste heat recovery?

Tao Junpu, Sinoma-EC, provides details on the latest technologies being implemented in SRC-based WHR systems and highlights the benefits offered by the less common ORC-based WHR systems.

The future of Chinese cement production

Li Kunming, China Cement Net Big Data Study Institute, and Ma Qingfang, WCA Beijing Office, outline the developmental trends in the Chinese cement sector, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese operators in the future.

Sustainable Industry. Sustainable Planet.

Simon Thomsen, Leilac, describes a unique decarbonisation solution built for, and in partnership with, the cement industry, outlining their vision for carbon neutrality.

Modular magic

Olaf Michelswirth, Intercem, explains why interest in modular grinding plants is growing among cement plant operators around the world.

Ideas on emergency interting

Achim Rott, robecco, describes the mechanics behind emergency inerting systems, explaining the correct procedures to ensure the buildup of combustible dust does not lead to fires and explosions.

When is a conveyor upgrade actually a downgrade?

R. Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, outlines the factors that operators must consider when upgrading their conveyor systems in order to ensure their modifications actually improve performance.